Charlie, 23, Melbourne, photographer / producer / slasher finding / seeking / searching / discovering photos / images / people / things of inspiration.

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Hyperborea series, 2011 Saint Petersburg, Russia
Anton Ginzburg, 2011
typeverything: - “ERROR” by SPY, in the city of Stavanger (Norway).

Alicia Eggert, You are (on) an island (2011)
photograph by Mike Fleming

Multi-level Urban Plan, Rockville, Maryland, 1966
(Robert L. Geddes)
Pre-birthday Com Truise… @akustikstudio @scottboardshorts @benhense
Gangsters Paradise #og @michelledylanhuynh
Kanye Westival featuring @fashgif
Cheers 🎉 @the5to9life and @vansaustralia #vansmelbournecentral opening
Cheese date. #yarravalleydairy @ranaaybramley
Day date. #yarravalley #maroondahreservoir @ranaaybramley
Fuck you @michelledylanhuynh I’m going to miss your guts so goddam much. But I know you’re going to kill it and have the most amazing time ever. I love you 😘
Got Meredith tickets. Became witnesses to stabbing in Napier St. Must go into witness protection. Night well spent.